Sodium is extremely important for the efficient uptake of carbohydrates. Many athletes rely on an old rule of thumb to get their sodium supply: More is better. Still, their performance stagnates. The X-NUTRIO® scientists discovered the cause: Sports foods usually exceed the recommended value of 550 milligrams and usually are closer to 3,000 - 5,000 milligrams. The excess is disposed of via sweat, and valulable minerals and trace elements are also lost.

The intelligent rule of thumb with sodium really? Less is better. X-NUTRIO® supplies about a 50-percent lower sodium content. That“™s because athletes that wear X-BIONIC® technology on their skin use sweat more efficiently. Also, though, because advanced sports nutrition foods must take into consideration the entire nutritional needs of athletes.


Programmed for maximal performance, in every molecule.

Athletic endeavours demands energy; nutrients, fluids and sports nutrition replenish it. The question is, however, how quickly and how much? For elite athletes, compromises are unacceptable. That“™s why the X-NUTRIO® developers single-mindedly focus on maximal values for each product: speedy loading, easy digestion, lowest stress on the body, optimal ease of delivery, and error-free nutrient supply.

Every protein is not the same. X-NUTRIO® makes the distinction.

Top athletes would always choose the best protein. That“™s why the X-NUTRIO® developers have done the very same. Each product contains an ingenious combination of up to eight high-quality protein sources, among them, whey protein isolate, which has been put through a cross-flow microfiltration until it is of the highest pureness and is quickly absorbable.

Alternative energy sources for endurance: barley starch hydrolysate.

X-NUTRIO® products that contain carbohydrates have the high-end ingredient barley starch hydrolysate. This component is of a high molecular weight with a low osmolality. Very little water binds to it, therefore it is more easily consumed and gives athletes a headstart in the absorption of fluids and nutrients. X-NUTRIO® combines three additional sources of carbohydrates: Sucrose is rapidly absorbed and can supply muscles with a fast energy supply. Trehalose is absorbed through the stomach more quickly than glucose and therefore refuels the glycogen stores of muscles particularly rapidly. It maintains a stable level of insulin and protects athletes from sharp drops in blood sugar. And, finally, maltodextrin. It secures long-term energy supplies and hinders early-onset exhaustion.

Performance Phase

Success is elementary.

Athletic success comes about before, during and after training. X-NUTRIO® scientists continually explored the specific physiological processes and nutritional needs of athletes

Doping Free Production Certificate

Anti-Doping Guarantee

Our manufacturers ensure maximum quality standards and a production free from doping substances or any impurities of this sort for all products of the PREPARE, PERFORM and RESTORE phases.