You learn the most from winners.

Winners discover new ideas. Winners use their energy more intelligently. Winners think differently. Winners think like Prof. Bodo W. Lambertz.

As a scientific researcher, he founded in 2000 the Swiss Innovation Think Tank X-Technology with clear goals: to develop superior technology that would enable athletes to achieve their peak performance.

Teams of experienced engineers, professional athletes and other creative thinkers developed revolutionary solutions. The world evolved with the hightech functional apparel from X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS®. Then Prof. Lambertz dedicated himself to another area of reseach: innovative sports nutrition.

The result: X-NUTRIO®, the elementary sports nutrition system. It utilises the newest scientific knowledge regarding outstanding performance potential and has been proven under the most extreme conditions … even tested by the Russian ISS Cosmonauts from the Gagarin Research & Test Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) as well as by top-class professional athletes.

X-NUTRIO® products are unique when it comes to nutrition physiology; their ingredients are highly exclusive. Especially one: the concentrated knowledge of winners.


What makes some athletes more successful? For a comprehensive answer our researchers tuned into every parameter of the body.

International Awards

Maximum performance is the result of a superior strategy. The high-tech brands X-BIONIC® und X-SOCKS® prove how single-mindedly X-Technology pursues this strategy for success. Both have won more than 140 international awards.