Performance Phase

Success is elementary.

Athletic success comes about before, during and after training. Athletes usually can't fully tap into their maximal potential in any one phase. X-NUTRIO® scientists continually explored the specific physiological processes and nutritional needs of athletes - and then created a unique system of elements.

Highly qualitative, the products, which are perfectly aligned to the needs of the three phases of performance, meet all nutritional needs optimally. They in fact create the foundation for renewed performance advances and outstanding achievement.

X-NUTRIO® Prepare products supply the body in the preparation phase with energy that is easy on the stomach. During activity, X-NUTRIO® Perform products provide a steady supply of longlasting energy. In the recovery phase X-NUTRIO® Restore products fulfill depleted energy reserves quickly and effectively.


Stoke up your winning margin in the preparatory phase.


More power during sports.


Push your training effect in the recovery phase.