International Awards

Maximum performance is the result of a superior strategy.

The high-tech brands X-BIONIC® und X-SOCKS® prove how single-mindedly X-Technology pursues this strategy for success. Both have won more than 140 international awards, among them some of the most globally sought-after trophies. Again and again, year after year, juries of experts have been enthusiastic about design and functionality, environmental focus, and innovation employed by X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS®.


Other companies would rest on their laurels with this unparalled series of victories. X-Technology however thinks like an athlete: There's always something more to strive for! That's true in any athletic arena.

X-NUTRIO® was developed to change the world of sports nutrition. Scientifically based and proven by performance athletes, X-NUTRIO® enables performance potential until now unimagined. Juries of the important industry awards can rejoice over this top-class favourite.


Of international quality: The Plus X Award

The Plus X Award is the largest competition of technology, sport and lifestyle in the world. Industryleading, unbiased jurors from 32 countries make up the jury. In the areas of sport and lifestyle, the categories of shoes/apparel and fitness are especially critically rated. The much-coveted Plus X Seal is awarded for high performance in the areas of innovation, high quality, design, comfort, ergonomics and environment. X-SOCKS® and X-BIONIC® are brands that regularly win awards here. Among others, X-BIONIC® has just won the Plus X award "Most innovative brand of the year" for the third time in a row.


Rewards excellent product designs and materials: the iF Award

Since 1953, iF has invited international manufacturers and designers to enter their products in the iF design awards. Design experts from all over the world come together in the iF juries to evaluate the entries: excellent design is recognized and rewarded. The iF design awards have long been a trademark feature of iF and the iF label is recognized the world over as a seal of design excellence. X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® have won numerous iF product design and if material design awards. A great success that shows the international appreciation of our products.


The ultimate in design: the Red Dot Design Award

The red dot design award is internationally recognised as one of the most significant design competitions. Year after year, more than 11,000 participants from a total of 61 countries compete for the „red dot“ seal of approva that is highly respected among the experts. X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® also showcase their products at this summit meeting for design. With great success too. The red dot is awarded exclusively to works that have distinguished themselves by the outstanding quality of their design. The competition owes its integrity and international acceptance to the outstanding work of the judges on the jury. They assess the submitted products in accordance with different criteria, such as innovation, functionality, technical quality, ergonomics, symbolic and emotional content and the self-explanatory aspect of a product.


Success in Chicago: Good Design Award

The annual Good Design Award has been conferred on discerning and innovative designs for more than sixty years. It is one of the oldest design awards in the world and has one of the richest traditions. The promoter, organizer and founder of the Good Design Awards is the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. It is the most prestigious cultural institution in Chicago and is the only museum of its type in the USA. X-SOCKS® and X-BIONIC® are brands that regularly win awards here. Because year after year, the standard of quality we apply to our products is undiminished, and we maintain our top spot among around 3,000 applications from more than 40 nations.


Right at the top down under: the Australian International Design Award

At the other end of the world, it also takes an outstanding performance to gain top spot. For X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS®, this competitive environment is ideal for putting the superiority of their products to the test. The Australian International Design Award rewards outstanding design that demonstrates a high-quality finish and is innovative, both in terms of its handling and its utility value. A jury of international and Australian design experts give their assessment. Their functionality, quality and finish, as well as ergonomics, safety and sustainability with regard to environmental protection, determine the innovation, visual and emotional feedback of the products.



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