Energy Recovery

You've given your all. Your performance was exceptional. Don't just enjoy the moment, but take advantage of it for maximal training effect. The Energy Recovery bar with rolled oats helps you with both - with function and good taste. It rewards your effort as soon as you bite into it.

Compact and highly concentrated, the Energy Recovery bar with 10 percent protein helps to quickly replenish your empty energy reserves. Scientific studies prove that a person can store on average about 400 grams of glycogen in muscles and the liver. That's about 1,600 calories of stored carbohydrate. With an intelligent nutritional strategy, it's possible to enlarge these reserves - up to about 600 grams of glycogoen. That's an increase of 50 percent.

The goal of the X-NUTRIO® developers is to enable this increase with the highly developed X-NUTRIO® sports nutrition system. The Energy Recovery bar is a part.